Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alicia's Music - Listen Live On The Web

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It should open up iTunes or Winamp or Windows Media Player and you can listen through that.
If you like what you hear and would care to make a donation, you can do so through the secure PayPal button.


Hi everyone! 

For the last year or so, I have been working on a new project - doing live shows online. I started off playing my music in a virtual avatar-based world called Second Life, where I play and sing live into my computer, and stream the music into the Second Life environment, where people all over the world can hear it. I really enjoy playing in Second Life because there is an audience of avatars there, responding to me and to the music, and it is a very interactive experience.

In Second Life, the demand for the live experience is paramount - especially because they cannot see the performers in person, Second Lifers insist on the real thing, and not pre-recorded music. They have a great paid live-performance model in place, where the venues pay the musicians a fee and listeners are expected to tip the performers. This has become a very enjoyable experience, and while it doesn't make me independently wealthy, it does pay a few bills; and, best of all, I can do it from the comfort of my bedroom or living room, or wherever I happen to be. If there is a wireless connection, I can do a gig anywhere with only my laptop, a small keyboard controller and a USB mic.

I soon saw that this could go beyond the Second Life world, and I am hoping to make this into a new business model where we musicians can reach our listeners anywhere, any time. My vision is finding a way where we connect with the players we like and spend time listening to (or watching) them play live, and can interact wth them - without having to take a whole night out of the week; without having to drive, pay for parking, cover charge, drink charge - almost none of which expenses actually go to the musician we're coming out to listen to!

Plus, the live music scene is not what it used to be. Club work does not pay enough to make a living anymore. Even if you book a club date, you are under pressure from the club owner to bring in an audience, not to mention hauling around a bunch of equipment. When you are considering setup time, soundcheck time, and tear-down time, that takes up the majority of one's day, and the compensation we receive from club work is nowhere near what it should be. And it's not feasible to expect your friends to come out to every show, when they have to give up a whole evening.

Many of us, if not most of us, are not in a place where we can go out several nights a week to a club to hear live music. We have work, we have families, we don't have a lot of extra money. But we all have favorite players that we would love to listen to if we could get there.

What if we could listen to or watch our friends or favorite musicians from the comfort of our homes - not a pre-recorded show, but LIVE? For an hour, in front of the computer we could hear or see them play live, plus be able to interact with them! You can send an instant message to them - request a song, ask a question, give a compliment, and they can respond back to you. And you could support them, not by spending 20, 30, 50 bucks on drinks, food, parking, cover charge, gas (none of which benefits the musician you want to see), but by clicking on a PayPal button and giving them a $5 or $10 tip - or whatever you can afford - even a dollar.

And, best of all, you don't have to be within driving distance to hear anyone you like! For fans, you can listen to anyone, anywhere - and to musicians, there is no limit to the number of people who can attend your shows! If 20 people log on for an hour, and each one kicks in 5 bucks to listen, you've made $100 right there, from the people who want to support you and enjoy your music, without leaving the house and hauling equipment and dealing with clubs and club owners. And you're not asking your listeners to give up a whole night and spend 50 bucks. On your webpage, as well as a PayPal button for tips, you can have your music for sale, and links to videos, real-life gigs, anything else you want to promote about yourself.

In my mind, it's a win-win in a time where we as musicians desperately need to find a new business model for our life's work.

This model is not meant to replace real-life gigs, but to augment them and give us, the musicians, a way to make it financially feasible to be in the music business.

On this blog, I will have a calendar that lists my online show times, some recordings of my music if you care to listen, some video links. The Flash player at the top of this post is what you click on to listen to my live performances.

Want to listen on your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android? Here's how!

Here are instructions on how to get our live audio stream on your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android.

Our live stream is basically Shoutcast Internet Radio. On the iPhone apps if you search for Shoutcast Radio, there is a free app called RADIO StreamItAll. I use a 99¢ app called Radio, but either of them will work.

Here is how to set up StreamItAll:

Go to the App Store and search for Shoutcast Radio. About 6 apps down you will see the RADIO StreamItAll app. Get it. It's free.

(The second one is Radio, which is 99¢ - I like it and use it because it is ad-free. You can add our URL, but it's not quite as simple as StreamItAll.)

(Don't get the AOL app which is the first one - it doesn't let you program your own streams.)

Download and install it.

When you open up the app, you will see the StreamItAll presets. To the left you will see an Edit button.

When you select the Edit button, you will be offered Add Channels and Delete Channels. You will pick Add Channels.

When you choose Add Channels, you're given a choice between adding a radio station from the list, and entering a name and stream URL. You will pick 'enter a name and stream URL' - select Enter.

You can choose any descriptive name you like for the Name - David and Alicia, or however you want to call it.

The important one is the URL.

Where it says URL: (mp3 or AAC direct or within .pl or .m3u files) you are going to enter


On the wheel, choose '64kbps or don't know'.

Then hit 'Close' on the upper left.

That's it!

At the bottom of the page you will see Custom, and your new station - that's US!

When you select our station give it a minute to connect, and you should be able to hear us broadcasting LIVE!

Remember, it will only work when we are actually broadcasting. If we're not playing at the moment you will not hear anything - we won't be 'on the air'.